Home for All

We believe every Angeleno has the right to safe and affordable housing. The Housing and Homelessness campaign seeks to end the joint crisis of homeless and affordable housing in Los Angeles County.

In 2016, alarmed at the crisis of 48,000 homeless people sleeping on the streets every night, both the City and County of Los Angeles asked Governor Brown to declare homelessness a state of emergency in California. In fact, the 48,000 neighbors we see on our streets everyday are only a portion of the homeless folks trying to survive in LA County, where in fact 116,000 adults and children struggle to find a place to sleep each night, while 250,000 seniors live on the verge of homelessness in the County. Meanwhile, a third of renters pay over half their income on rent, making other necessities unaffordable, while others stuff multiple families into overcrowded apartments. With the strong belief that we are all children of G-d, and we all have the right to a safe, clean affordable home, LA Voice has been helping to lead the movement to end this crisis.

We successfully advocated the city and county of Los Angeles to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in affordable housing, and raised over a billion in funds for the homeless through our work to pass Measure HHH and Measure H.

With our partners, we also advocate for renters rights and state-wide reforms to improve housing for people across California.