Stand Up For Justice

LA Voice Annual Report 2021

When the pandemic began in March, we said we wanted to come through this year stronger after than before. It is incredible to me, but we are in fact ending 2020 stronger than we started, having contributed more than ever to the struggle for justice in LA County. Because of this, 2021 promises levels of change we only dreamed of five years ago. How did we get here?

I find myself returning to the story of David and Goliath. We faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles on so many levels– from the COVID-19 crisis, to a well-funded, truly Goliathan opposition to the Schools and Communities First act, to the murder of George Floyd, to attacks on hard-won criminal justice reforms. Yet we adapted to the circumstances and pushed forward to protect our people and build a state of belonging for our communities.

Despite not being able to run our traditional in-person programs, we registered 1000 system-impacted citizens to vote; reached more than 280,000 people with census outreach messaging; engaged more congregations than ever before in our 100% Voting Congregations program; won a historic criminal justice reform victory in Measure J; and shaped an equitable COVID 19 response in our county.

Whatever stories of strength and courage from your tradition kept you grounded and steadily progressing toward justice, we are deeply grateful for the ways you contributed to our shared work. There is never a single David who emerges to fight off the many giants who appear to dominate the field. Our victories are always the result of many dedicated people coming together to overcome the odds–often with as little as five smooth stones picked from a creek bed. As you read through the rest of our annual report for 2020, know that this year stands as a reminder that together, we can overcome anything.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Zachary Hoover, Executive Director