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LA Voice cree que todo ser humano tiene derecho a la dignidad, oportunidad, y a vivir una vida abundante.

Citizenship for All

We believe that all Angelenos deserve due process, access to healthcare, a driver's license & a pathway to citizenship.

Justice for All

We believe our justice system should be focused on prevention and rehabilitation.

A Voice for all

We believe in the power of 100% Voting Congregations.

Home for All

We believe every Angeleno has the right to safe and affordable housing.

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Removing Police from Traffic Stop Duties is The Only Moral Option

The immoral culture of impunity and abuse among law enforcement that is inflicted upon Black people is not new — who can forget the brutal beating of Rodney King? With police departments across the country owning more military-grade weapons, and with their ever-increasing budgets, we are at a tipping point. We must remove police from places where they continue to harm Black people and other people of color, starting with traffic stops.